Bubble blowing

Geplaatst: 05/2016 in Blog

Today we spent another day at Oriocastro. The numbers increased overnight from 1200 to 1600. Now there are tents outside, on the grass and in the car park. People are arriving from Idomeni camp, since the Greek military is emptying the camp by force. Oriocastro is now full.

Today we headed out in the morning with toys for the children, loom bands, chalk and ‘bubble blowers’ as Anne called them. When we arrived we found a family asleep in our baby clinic tent. After we woke them up, we could start setting up the baby clinic with Katie. Katie is a member of the church, she works 5 or 6 days a week at the camp. Because so many people are arriving to the camp, not everyone knows the way to the clinic. It could be busier in a few weeks, when the people know their way around in the camp.

The kids where really enthusiastic about the loom bands and the chalk. In the picture you can see a boy drawing his boat trip to Greece. While we waited for the catering people, we played, hugged and hand-clapped along with the kids. Today they organised the food distribution differently than yesterday. Because of that and all the extra people, the distribution of lunch took 5 hours.

After an other really good meal from our great cook, there was an option to help the homeless of Thessaloniki with a group from the church. It will be a long night for them, so tomorrow we will start a little bit later.

Good night!

image image image image image image

  1. Wilma Timmerman schreef:

    ha Petra,goed om je zo in aktie te zien….Gods zegen toegewenst aan jullie allemaal!

  2. Anneke Bor schreef:

    Wil je Bea de groeten doen? Ik mis haar een beetje op de foto’s….Goed om zo op de hoogte te blijven. Heel veel zegen!

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